Recycling Technology of Sewage Sludge by Carbonization

Park, Sang-U;Jang, Cheol-Hyeon;Kim, Nak-Ju

  • 발행 : 2004.02.01


This study has been conducted to develop a new recycling technology of sewage sludge using a carbonization process. The carbonizing yield, the calorific value and EC(electric conductivity) of carbonized sewage sludge had a tendency to be decreased with increase of the carbonizing temperature and time, but pH and the C/N were increased with increase the carbonizing temperature and time. The whole pore volume of carbonized sludge processed in the carbonizing furnace was /g, which was smaller than that in the electric furnace. But, the rates of mesopore and macropore were found to account for 100% therein. Rate of color and organic materials removal for dyeing wastewater were determined 70~97%, 78~83% on cotton yarn, 88~96%, 69~80% on wool wastewater and 77~89%, 77~87% on towel compared with powder activated carbon. Effect of carbonized sludge on chrysanthemum growth was investigated. Plant height and number of leaves was better mixture of carbonized sludge than comparison.


Carbonized Sludge;Adsorbent;Gardening soil


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