A New Way to Manufacture Ultra Light Metal Structures

초경량 금속구조재의 제작을 위한 새로운 방안

  • 강기주 (전남대학교 대학원 기계공학과) ;
  • 전계포 (전남대학교 기계시스템공학부) ;
  • 나성준 (전남대학교 기계시스템공학부) ;
  • 주보성 (전남대학교 기계시스템공학부) ;
  • 홍남호 (전남대학교 기계시스템공학부)
  • Published : 2004.03.01


Recently, the ultra light metal structure with periodic and three dimensional truss elements takes attention because of its multi-functionality and substantial heat resistance. However, the complicated fabrication process leading to high cost has been a major obstacle to wide applications. In this paper, a new idea to construct an ultra light structure with periodic, three dimensional truss using metal wires is presented. To prove the practical validity, a Kagome-like structure was fabricated from stamped wires and punched face sheets. It was assembled by soldering. Through three-point bending and compression tests, the strength was evaluated and compared with the theory.


Ultralight Structure;Kagome Structure;Truss Structure;Compression Test;Three Point Bending Test


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