• Liu, Yong-Lin (Department of Applied Mathematics, Xidian University) ;
  • Liu, San-Yang (Department of Applied Mathematics, Xidian University) ;
  • Meng, Jie (Department of Mathematics, Northwest University)
  • Published : 2004.02.01


The notions of FSI-ideals and FSC-ideals in BCI-algebras are introduced. The characterization properties of FSI-ideals and FSC-ideals are obtained. We investigate the relations between FSI-ideals (resp. FSC-ideals) and other fuzzy ideals, between FSI-ideals (resp. FSC-ideals) and BCI-algebras, and show that a fuzzy subset of a BCI-algebra is an FSI-ideal if and only if it is both an FSC-ideal and a fuzzy BCI-positive implicative ideal.


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