Development of Resizing Techniques for Drift Designs of High-rise Buildings subjected to Lateral and Vertical Loads

횡하중과 연직하중을 받는 고층건물의 변위설계를 위한 재분배기법 개발

  • 서지현 (연세대학교 건축ㆍ도시공학부) ;
  • 박효선 (연세대학교 건축ㆍ도시공학부)
  • Published : 2004.03.01


Drift design of a high-rise building is a governing factor in the determination of structural weights and lateral resisting systems. However, high-rise buildings are composed of tens of thousands of structural member, designer can not know which members are active to lateral drift control and how much they contribute to lateral drifts. Resizing technique was proved to be a practical method for drift design of high-rise buildings. However, no resizing algorithm has been considered the effect of vertical loads in drift designs. Thus, in this paper, a resizing algorithm has been developed for drift designs of high-rise buildings subjected to both lateral and vertical loads. The drift design model has been applied to drift designs of two high-rise building examples.


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