Collaborative CRM using Statistical Learning Theory and Bayesian Fuzzy Clustering

  • Published : 2004.04.01


According to the increase of internet application, the marketing process as well as the research and survey, the education process, and administration of government are very depended on web bases. All kinds of goods and sales which are traded on the internet shopping malls are extremely increased. So, the necessity of automatically intelligent information system is shown, this system manages web site connected users for effective marketing. For the recommendation system which can offer a fit information from numerous web contents to user, we propose an automatic recommendation system which furnish necessary information to connected web user using statistical learning theory and bayesian fuzzy clustering. This system is called collaborative CRM in this paper. The performance of proposed system is compared with the other methods using real data of the existent shopping mall site. This paper shows that the predictive accuracy of the proposed system is improved by comparison with others.


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