Evaluation of the Effective Storage of Existing Agricultural Reservoir

기존 농업용 저수지에서의 유효저수량의 평가

  • 안태진 (한경대학교 토목공학과) ;
  • 조동호 (남원건설엔지니어링 수자원) ;
  • 이상호 (부경대학교 토목공학) ;
  • 최계윤 (인천대학교 토목환경시스템공학) ;
  • 윤용남 (고려대학교 토목환경공학과)
  • Published : 2004.05.01


Effective storage in agricultural reservoir has been determined through the reservoir simulation operation based on the water budget analysis. Since each watershed has the native property for runoff, considering the runoff yielding from the basin is feasible to the determination of reservoir effective storage. In this study the stochastic linear programming model considering mainly runoff from watershed has been also formulated to analyze the effective storage of the exiting reservoir. The linear decision rule coupled with chance-constrained model in the linear programming model contributes to reduce the size of linear program model without considering the period of analysis. The Geum-Gang reservoir located in Ansung have been adopted to evaluate the effective storage. It has been shown that the effective storage based on the linear programming model is greater than that based on the water budget analysis. It has been also desired that once the effective storage is obtained through the linear programming model, operation of the reservoir should be performed to check the designed capacity.


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