The Physical Properties of Sizing Yarn According to Sizing Condition

가호조건에 따른 호부사의 물성변화

  • Published : 2004.06.01


Polyester fabrics, which is a major product in Daegu and Kyungbuk district, recently have a frequent warp streak phenomenon of sizing textiles for peach skin. So, this paper intensively focuses on the analysis of finding causes of poor products which may be produced in the process of sizing. Depending on the changes of sizing yarn's physical characteristic varying on sizing conditions, results of the research are as followed. 1. Sizing add-on rate, following tension changes of originally supplied yarn in sizing, does not fluctuate until 30g sizing tension, but marks high on the increase of sizing speed. 2. Sizing add-on amount increases approximately by 2.5% when interlacing pressure is raised from 1.5kg/$cm^2$ to 3.5kg/$cm^2$ at $130^{\circ}C$ sizing temperature. 3. Following the increase of sizing tension from 10g to 50g, boiling shrinkage rate of desizing yarn changes approximately from 7% to 11%. But the more sizing temperature and speed increases, the bigger the change rate becomes. 4. The thermal stress of desizing yarn is sensitively influenced by sizing tension in the sizing degree of above $130^{\circ}C$. 5. The deviation rate of sizing yarn's initial modulus value, which is influenced by air pressure in interlacing raw yarn, marks the highest at 40g and 50g strength.


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