Digital Library System by Advanced Distributed Agent Platform

  • Cho, Young-Im (Dept. of Computer Science, Pyongtaek University)
  • Published : 2004.06.01


I propose a personalized digital library system (PDLS) based on an advanced distributed agent platform. The new platform is developed by improving the DECAF (Distributed Environment-Centered Agent Framework) which is one of the conventional distributed agent development toolkits. Also, a mobile ORB (Object Request Broker), Voyager, and a new multi agent negotiation algorithm are adopted to develop the advanced platform. The new platform is for mobile multi agents as well as the distributed environment, whereas the DECAF is for the distributed and non-mobile environment. From the results of the simulation the searched time of PDLS is lower, as the numbers of servers and agents are increased. And the user satisfaction is four times greater than the conventional client-server model. Therefore, the new platform has some optimality and higher performance in the distributed mobile environment.


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