Burst Pressure Evaluation for Through-Wall Cracked Tubes in the Steam Generator

관통균열이 존재하는 증기발생기 전열관의 파열압력 평가

  • 김현수 (한국전력기술(주) 재료기술연구그룹) ;
  • 김종성 (한국전력기술(주) 재료기술연구그) ;
  • 진태은 (한국전력공사 전력연구) ;
  • 김홍덕 (한국전력공사 전력연구) ;
  • 정한섭 (한국전력기술(주) 재료기술연구그룹)
  • Published : 2004.07.01


Operating experience of steam generators shows that the tubes are degraded by stress corrosion cracking, fretting wear and so on. These defected tubes could stay in service if it is proved that the tubes have sufficient structural margin to preclude the risk of tube bursting. This paper provides detailed plastic limit pressure solutions for through-wall cracks in the steam generator tubes. These are developed based on three dimensional(3D) finite element analyses assuming elastic-perfectly plastic material behavior. Both axial and circumferential through-wall cracks in free span and in u-bend regions are considered. The resulting limit pressure solutions are given in a polynomial form, and thus can be simply used in practical integrity assessment of the steam generator tubes.


Burst Pressure;Free Span;U-Bend;Bulging Factor;Through-Wall Crack;Flow Stress;Intrados;Extrados


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