Integrated Design of Feed Drive Systems Using Discrete 2-D.O.F. Controllers (I) - Modeling and Performance Analysis -

이산형 2자유도 제어기를 이용한 이송계의 통합설계 (I) -모델링 및 성능해석-

  • Published : 2004.07.01


High-speed/precision servomechanisms have been widely used in the manufacturing and semiconductor industries. In order to ensure the required high-speed and high-precision specifications in servomechanisms, an integrated design methodology is required, where the interactions between mechanical and electrical subsystems will have to be considered simultaneously. For the first step of the integrated design process, it is necessary to obtain not only strict mathematical models of separate subsystems but also formulation of an integrated design problem. A two-degree-of-freedom controller described in the discrete-time domain is considered as an electrical subsystem in this paper. An accurate identification process of the mechanical subsystem is conducted to verify the obtained mathematical model. Mechanical and electrical constraints render the integrated design problem accurate. Analysis of the system performance according to design and operating parameters is conducted for better understanding of the dynamic behavior and interactions of the servomechanism. Experiments are performed to verify the validity of the integrated design problem in the x-Y positioning system.


Abbe offset;Discrete model;Mechatronic system;System identification;Optimization;Radius error;Stability;z-transform;2-D.O.F. controller


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