Integrated Design of Feed Drive Systems Using Discrete 2-D.O.F. Controllers (II) -Formulation and Synthesis of Integrated Design-

이산형 2자유도 제어기를 이용한 이송계의 통합설계 (II) -통합설계의 정식화와 해석-

  • Published : 2004.07.01


In order to acquire high-speed and high-precision performances in servomechanisms, an integrated design method have been proposed. Based on strict mathematical modeling and analysis of system performance according to design and operating parameters, a nonlinear constrained optimization problem including the relevant subsystem parameters of the servomechanism is formulated. Optimum design results of mechanical and electrical parameters are obtained according to the design parameters specified by designers through the integrated design processes. Motors are optimally selected from the servo motor database. Both the geometric errors referring to Abbe offset and the contour errors are minimized while required constraints such as stability conditions and saturated conditions are satisfied. This design methodology both offers the improved possibility to evaluate and optimize the dynamic motion performance of the servomechanism and improves the quality of the design process to achieve the required performance for high-speed/precision servomechanisms.


Abbe offset;Contour ewer;Integrated Design;Multi-objective function;Nonlinear optimal design;Optimum motor selection;Stability


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