The Optimal Normal Elements for Massey-Omura Multiplier

Massey-Omura 승산기를 위한 최적 정규원소

  • Published : 2004.06.01


Finite field multiplication and division are important arithmetic operation in error-correcting codes and cryptosystems. The elements of the finite field GF($2^m$) are represented by bases with a primitive polynomial of degree m over GF(2). We can be easily realized for multiplication or computing multiplicative inverse in GF($2^m$) based on a normal basis representation. The number of product terms of logic function determines a complexity of the Messay-Omura multiplier. A normal basis exists for every finite field. It is not easy to find the optimal normal element for a given primitive polynomial. In this paper, the generating method of normal basis is investigated. The normal bases whose product terms are less than other bases for multiplication in GF($2^m$) are found. For each primitive polynomial, a list of normal elements and number of product terms are presented.


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