The Effect of Confining Pressure on Modulus of Soils at Low Confining Pressures

낮은 구속응력 단계에서 지반의 탄성계수에 대한 구속응력의 영향

  • Published : 2004.06.01


The range of stresses experienced in subgrade soils and subbase materials in pavement under working stress conditions is below about 150㎪. Therefore, the deformational characteristics of soils at low confining pressures are important properties in the analysis and design of pavement system. Subgrade soils and subbase materials were collected from the actual pavement projects for testing. To evaluate the effect of confining pressure on modulus of those materials at low confining pressures, RC and FFRC tests were performed. Interestingly, the relationship between modulus of soils and confining pressure is more appropriate in linear space than in logarithm space at low confining pressure. Based on those results, new model fur evaluating the effects of confining pressure on modulus at low confining pressures was proposed.


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