Ferroelectric Properties of Ti-Doped and W-Doped SBT Ceramics

Ti와 W이 첨가된 SBT 세라믹스의 강유전 특성

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  • Published : 2004.05.01


Undoped SrB $i_2$T $a_2$O$_{9}$, donor-doped Sr$_{0.99}$B $i_2$(Ta$_{0.99}$W$_{0.01}$)$_2$O$_{9}$ and acceptor-doped SrB $i_2$(Ta$_{0.99}$Ti$_{0.01}$)$_2$O$_{8.99$ ceramics were prepared and their microstructure, ferroelectric P-E hysteresis and Curie temperature were investigated. Grain size did not influence P-E hysteresis curve in undoped SrB $i_2$T $a_2$O$_{9}$ ceramics. Donor-Doped Sr$_{0.99}$B $i_2$(Ta$_{0.99}$W$_{0.01}$)$_2$O$_{9}$ ceramics showed more saturated P-E hysteresis curve with larger remanent polarization (P$_{r}$) than undoped SrB $i_2$T $a_2$O$_{9}$ ceramics while acceptor-doped SrB $i_2$(Ta$_{0.99}$Ti$_{0.01}$)$_2$O$_{8.99}$ ceramics led to a pinched P-E hysteresis loop. Larger polarization in donor-doped Sr$_{0.99}$B $i_2$(Ta$_{0.99}$W$_{0.01}$)$_2$O$_{9}$ ceramics resulted from easier domain wall motion by Sr-vacancies.


SBT ceramics;Doping;Nonstoichiomety;Ferroelectric property;P-E hysteresis;Polarization


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