Combined Process of Ironing and Redrawing in Progressive Drawing

연속드로잉에서 아이어닝과 리드로잉의 복합공정

  • 정준기 (홍익대학교 기계/시스템디자인공학과) ;
  • 조웅식 (한국산업기술대학교 기계설계공학과) ;
  • 이택성 (한국산업기술대학교 기계설계공학과)
  • Published : 2004.05.01


In deep drawing of sheet metal, there are many cases in which the uniform and thin wall thickness of the drawn products is more important than the bottom thickness. In this case, we can not easily get the deep drawn products with the uniform and precise wall thickness by only drawing process. Therefore in general the manufacturing processes which both the drawing and the ironing process are proceeded sequentially are used. But this method has the disadvantages of a cost-up, decrease of productivity and degradation of quality, because the ironing process is added after the drawing process. In this study, in order to improve those problems and to enhance the effect of deep drawing, the combined process of redrawing and ironing fur multistep drawing of cylindrical cups is used. In this experiment, we considered the characteristics of the combined process such as the relation between the drawing and ironing rates, the drawing limits and the forces needed for operations. The suggested force prediction shows that it can successfully represent experimental results.


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