Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Steam Generator Tubes after Shot Peening

숏피닝된 증기 발생기 전열관의 파괴역학적 해석

  • Published : 2004.06.01


One of the main degradation mechanisms in steam generator tubes is stress corrosion cracking induced by residual stress. The resulting damages can cause tube bursting or leakage of the primary water which contains radioactivity. Shot peening technique has been used to prevent stress corrosion crack growth in steam generator tubes. In order to investigate the shot peening effect on stress corrosion cracking stress intensity factors are calculated for the semi-elliptical surface crack which is located in residual stress region. The residual stress distribution in steam generator tubes is obtained from the simple model proposed by Frederick et al.


Steam Generator;Shot Peeing;Residual Stress;Stress Intensity Factor;Semi-Elliptical Surface Crack


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