A Study on the Optimum Design of Soltless Type PMLSM Using Genetic Algorithm and 3-D Space Harmonic Method

유전 알고리즘과 3차원 공간고조파법을 이용한 Soltless Type PMLSM의 최적설계에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2004.08.01


This paper was applied space harmonic method as a characteristic analysis technique for slotless PMLSM. There is advantages of active response to the change of design parameters as well as reduction of the calculation time. The method can be overcome disadvantages of finite element analysis that needs long times calculation, repetitions of pre and post-process. In this paper, 3D-space harmonic method was applied to consider the precise description of end turn coil shape and the changes of characteristic according to changes of length of z-axis direction. The thrust of optimal design was performed using genetic algorithm to enhance the thrust which is the disadvantage of slotless type PMLSM. For design parameters, width of permanent magnet, width of coil, width of coil inner and lengths of z-axis direction were selected. For objective functions. thrust per weight. thrust per volume. multi-objective function was selected.


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