Information Retrieval Using Natural Language for Multimedia Information Management Database System

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  • Published : 2004.08.01


Currently users are tend to use multimedia data types in their applications. Main features of multimedia data types are large amount of data compared to conventional data types. In this reason, it's hard to load data into main memory and to search. That is the cause of occur disk input and output frequently, and decrease the system performance. In this paper, we describe to have fast and efficient access to multimedia data using index technique. Index method presented by paper consists of two parts : one is index file part for keywords and the other is posting file part for the list of file names. Of course, we use keyword. But user is not charge of memory for the keywords. Users just use natural language to insert, delete and search data what he or she wants. Internally, System makes keywords from natural language to get access to multimedia data. It provides convenience to users. Using this study to develop one's application for multimedia, one may have a chance for advanced performance of a system and getting a result speedily.


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