The Structured Grid Pattern Calibration Based On Triangulation Method

삼각법기반 구조화된 격자 패턴 캘리브레이션

  • Published : 2004.08.01


So far, many sensors such as a structured grid pattern generator, a laser, and CCD camera to obtain 3D information have been used, but most of algorithms for a calibration are inefficient since a huge memory and experiment time are required. In this paper, the calibration algorithm of a structured grid pattern based on triangulation method is introduced to calculate 3D information in the real world. The beams generated from structured grid pattern generator established horizontally with the CCD camera are projected on the calibration plat. A CCD camera measures the intersection plane of a projected beam and an object plane. The 3D information is calculated using measured and calibration datum. This proposed method in this paper has advantages such as a memory saving and an efficient experimental time since the 3D information is obtained simply the triangulation method.


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