Real 3-D Shape Restoration using Lookup Table

룩업 테이블을 이용한 물체의 3-D 형상복원

  • Published : 2004.08.01


The 3-D shape use to effect of movie, animation, industrial design, medical treatment service, education, engineering etc.... But it's not easy to make 3-D shape from the information of 2-D image. There are two methods in restoring 3-D video image through 2-D image; First the method of using a laser; Secondly the method of acquiring 3-D image through stereo vision. Instead of doing two methods with many difficulties, I figure out the method of simple 3-D image in this research paper. We present here a simple and efficient method, called direct calibration, which doesn't require any equations at all. The direct calibration procedure builds a lookup table(LUT) linking image and 3-D coordinates by a real 3-D triangulation system. The LUT is built by measuring the image coordinates of a grid of known 3-D points, and recording both image and world coordinates for each point; the depth values of all other visible points are obtained by interpolation.


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