The Design of K-band Up converter with the Excellent IMD3 Performance

3차 혼변조 왜곡 특성이 우수한 K-band 상향변환기 설계

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  • Published : 2004.08.01


In this paper, we has designed and implemented Up-converter for K-band with high IMD3 performance using balanced power amplifier. It is consisted of PA module and, Local Oscillator module with reject Filter, mixer module and If block, and Up-converter has a local loop path to decide whether it operate or not and has the sensing port to inspect output power level. According to the power budget of designed Up-converter, K-band balanced power amplifier was fabricated by commercial MMIC. Measurement results of up-converter show about 40dB Gain, PldB of 29dBm and OIP3 was 38.25dBm, that is good performance compared to power budgets. We has adjusted gate voltage of MMIC to control more than 30 dB gain. This up-converter was used in transceiver for PTP and PTMP, and applied to digital communication system that use QAM and QPSK modulation.


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