An Approximate Formulation for Scattering by Very Thin Dielectric Scatters

얇은 유전체의 산란특성 해석을 위한 근사식

  • Koh, Il-Suek (The Graduate School of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Inha University)
  • Published : 2004.08.01


In this paper, a novel approximate solution for scattering by a very thin planar homogeneous dielectric scatterer with an arbitrary shape is formulated. This solution is based on a volumetric integral equation and is expressed in terms of Fourier transform. It is shown that the obtained solution is reduced to an exact solution for an infinite dielectric slab. For 2D, or 3D scatterers, the formulation is verified numerically. Especially fur edge-on TM polarized wave incidence a closed-form solution of backscattering from a thin dielectric half-plane is formulated, which is very accurate for wide range of normalized surface impedance except very low impedances(│η│〈0.5).


Scattering;Dielectric Half-Plane;Dielectric Disk


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