Hybrid of SA and CG Methods for Designing the Ka-Band Group-Delay Equalized Filter

Ka-대역 군지연-등화 여파기용 SA 기법과 CG 기법의 하이브리드 설계 기법

  • Kahng, Sungtek (Dept. of Information and Telecommunication Eng. at the University of Incheon)
  • Published : 2004.08.01


This paper describes the realization of the Ka-band group-delay equalized filter desisted with the help of a new hybrid method of Simulated Annealing(SA) and Conjugate Gradient(CG), to be employed by the multi-channel Input Multiplexer for a satellite use, each channel of which comprises a channel filter and a group-delay equalizer. The SA and CG find circuit parameters of an 8th order elliptic function filter and a 2-pole equalizer, respectively. Measurement results demonstrate that the performances of the designed component meet the specifications, and validate the design methods.


Hybrid of Simulated Annealing and Conjugate Gradient;Elliptic Function Filter;Group-Delay Equalizer;Ka-Band Passive Components


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