A Uniform Formulation for Scattering by Very Thin Dielectric Strips for TM Wave Incidence

TM 파가 입사할 경우 얇은 유전체 Strip의 산란에 대한 Uniform 해

  • Koh, Il-Suek (The Graduate School of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Inha University)
  • Published : 2004.08.01


In this paper a new approximate formulation for bistatic scattering by a thin dielectric strip for TM wave incidence is obtained. This formulation is uniform which is valid for any incident angles, observation points, and any properties of the skip such as dielectric constants, width, and thickness. The accuracy of the proposed solution is examined by comparisons with a method of moments(MoM) for various situations.


Scattering;Dielectric Strip;Diffraction


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