Impact of Environmental-Educated Children on Their buying behaviors and Retroactive-Socialized Parents

환경교육을 받은 어린이를 통한 어른들의 소비행동과 역사회화

  • 강봉희 ((주)한국인터넷소프트웨어)
  • Published : 2004.09.01


The objectives of this study is to suggest marketing strategies directed of retroactive-socialized parents who have environmental-educated children at school. For this purpose, this study based on the consumer socialization agent such as family and demographic variables were studied. The scope of this study includes attitudes toward price and advertising, and interests related to environmental problems and environmental-products preference. As a result, The parents of environmental-educated children get much more environmental information and show favorable buying behaviors for environmental-products. Most of parents who get environmental information from children educated at school show favorable attitude towards the advertising and also show more preference to environmental-products and more frequent communication among family members. Parents who have environmental-educated children were insensitive to price, more consciousness about environmental problem and flexible to change in their buying behaviors. In conclusion, This study shows that behaviors of children had a significant influence on buying behavior of parents.


Environmental-Education;Consumer Behavior;Marketing Strategy;Retroactive-Socialization