Adaptive Image Transmission Scheme for Vision-Based Telerobot Control

시각기반 원격로봇 제어를 위한 적응 영상전송기법

  • Published : 2004.11.01


In remote control of telerobotics equipment, the real-time visual feedback is necessary in order to facilitate real-time control. Because of the network congestion and the associated delays, the real-time image feedback is generally difficult in the public networks like internet. If the remote user is not able to receive the image feedback within a certain time, the work performance may tend to decrease, and it makes difficulties to control of the telerobotics equipment. In this paper, we propose an improved visual feedback scheme over the internet for telerobotics system. The size of a remote site image and its quality are adjusted for efficient transmission. The constructed system has a better real-time update characteristics, and shows a potential for the real-time visual control of the telerobotics system.


Telerobot;Image Compression;Bandwidth;Universal Input Device


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