무아레 간섭계 초정밀 변위 측정장치의 설계 및 PBGA 패키지 열변형 측정에의 응용

Submicro-displacement Measuring System with Moire Interferometer and Application to the Themal Deformation of PBGA Package

  • 발행 : 2004.11.01


A description of the basic principles of moire interferometry leads to the design of a eight-mirror four-beam interferometer for obtaining fringe patterns representing contour-maps of in-Plane displacements. The technique is implemented by the optical system using an environmental chamber for submicro-displacement mesurement. In order to estimate the reliability and applicabili쇼 of the system developed, the measurement of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) for a aluminium block is performed. Consequently, the system is applied to the measurement of thermal deformation of a WB-PBGA package assembly. Temperature dependent analyses of global and local deformations are presented to study the effect of the mismatch of CTE between materials composed of the package assemblies. Bending displacements of the packages and average strains of solder balls are documented. Thermal induced displacements calculated by FEM agree quantitatively with experimental results.


무아레 간섭계;PBGA 패키지;열팽창계수 측정;열변형


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