Application of Learning Control for U-type Tuned Liquid Damper System

U자형 TLD시스템에 대한 학습제어 적용

  • Published : 2004.11.01


As the structures become larger, higher and more complicated, the demand for safety level has increased. In recent years, TLD(Tuned Liquid Damper) proved to be a successful control tool for reducing structural vibrations. For this reason, the influence of some key parameters of the U-type TLD on the dynamic response is studied. And simple and effectively developed learning control logic is used to control vibration of U type Tuned Liquid Damper system. The purpose of this paper is design optimal control system to deal with unknown errors from non linearity and variation that cost modeling difficulty in complex structure and is followed with the desired behavior. Finally this hybrid control method applied to U type Tuned Liquid Damper structure gives the benefit from better performance of precision and stability of the structure by reducing vibration effect. This research leads to safety design in various structure to robust unspecified foreign disturbances such as windy-load and earthquake.


Learning Control;Tuned Liquid Damper


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