Failsafe Logic for a vehicle Stability Control System

차량 주행안정성 제어시스템의 자동안전 로직

  • 민경찬 (한양대학교 기계공학부) ;
  • 이건복 (한양대학교 자동차공학과) ;
  • 이경수 (숭실대학교 기계공학부)
  • Published : 2004.11.01


This paper describes the fault detection and failsafe logic to be used in an Electronic Stability Program(ESP). The aim of this paper is to prevent of erroneous controls in the ESP. Developed this paper introduces the fault detection logic and evaluation of residual signals. The failsafe logic consists of four redundant sub-models, which can be used for detecting the faults in various sensors (yaw rate, lateral acceleration, steering wheel angle). We present two mathematical residual generation methods : one is a method using the average value and the other is a method using the minimum value of the each residual. We verified a failsafe logic developed using vehicle test results also we compare vehicle model based simulation results with test vehicle results.


Fault Detection;ESP;Residual;Threshold


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