Fabrication of High Aspect Ratio 100nm-Scale Nickel Stamper Using E-Beam Writing based on Chrome/Quartz Mask Without Anti-Reflection Layer for Injection Molding of Optical Grating Patterns

광학 그레이팅의 사출성형제작을 위한 전자빔과 무반사 코팅층이 없는 크롬/퀄츠 마스크를 이용한 고종횡비 100nm 급 니켈 스탬퍼의 제작

  • Published : 2004.11.01


We present a fabrication method of high aspect ratio 100nm-scale nickel stamper using e-beam writing for the injection molding of optical grating patterns. Conventional nickel stamper is fabricated by nickel electroplating process which is followed by seed layer deposition. In this paper, we have used chrome coated blank mask without anti-reflection layer of CrON in order to simplified electroplating process. In experimental study, we have optimized electron-beam dosage for 100nm-scale optical grating patterns with 2.5-aspect ratio, and fabricated nickel stamper using above grating patterns as PR mold. Fabricated nickel stamper have showed height of 240$\pm$20nm and width of 116$\pm$6nm.


E-Beam Lithography;Injection Molding;High Aspect Ratio


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