Implementation of RFID Data Transmission System using Wireless LAN

무선LAN 기반 RFID 데이터 전송시스템 구현

  • Published : 2004.10.01


A RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) system is a kind of radio frequency communication system and a branch of automatic data collection system. RFID system consists of RFID tags(or transponders) and RFID readers(controllers). This paper deals with the wireless communication that acquires tag IDs through RFID readers, and show the implementation of the target system which transmits tag IDs and related information to the server on the Internet through the wireless local area network. Today's RFID systems are usually implemented with the wired communication environment. In this paper, however, RFID system is effectively realized with the widely deployed wireless local area network and various RFID data can be collected by the readers which are communicating with the wireless access points of the local area network. Through the Internet, users also can have easy access to the server on the web and retrieve, analyze, and utilize tags' information.



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