Load Control Scheme Using Rate Control for CDMA2000 1x System

CDMA2000 1x시스템에서 전송률제어를 이용한 부하제어 방식

  • Park, Hyung-Kun (Dept. of Information Technology Engineering, Korea University of Technology and Education)
  • Published : 2004.10.01


In a CDMA system, the rapacity is variable and mainly depends on multiple access interference. The multiple access interference has a deep relationship with transmitted or received power. The capacity of CDMA2000 1x system is considered to be limited by the forward link capacity. In this paper, we show that the transmitted power can represent the total cell load and we propose a load control scheme for CDMA2000 1x system. CDMA2000 1x system has fast power control scheme and we can measure forward link cell load by using total transmitted power. In the proposed algorithm, by monitoring the total transmit power, we can simply adjust data rate to channel conditions and efficiently use radio resources. The proposed algorithm is practical algorithm to implement in the power controlled CDMA systems and enhances the system throughput and quality of service(QoS)


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