Analysis on the impact of Mutual Interference between the Wireless Data communication systems within the 2.4㎓ ISM Band Channel environment

2.4 ㎓ ISM대역 채널 환경에서 무선 데이터 시스템간의 상호 간섭 영향 분석

  • 김성철 (우송대학교 디지털 정보통신학과)
  • Published : 2004.10.01


The WLAN(IEEE 802.l1b) and Bluetooth(IEEE 802.15.1) employed on 2.4㎓ ISM band wireless networks provide complementary services within the same environments. Coexistence between the networks will be impaired, if the mutual packets are uncertainty associated the timing or gaussian distance. This paper analyzes the impact of the mutual interference on the services performance in order to develope a method of coexistence between the WLAN and Bluetooth. The analysis is illustrated by examining the symbol error rate versus signal to noise interference ratio in terms of the carrier frequency of set.


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