Implementation and Performance Analysis of UDP/IP Header Compression Protocol in Wired Networks

유선망에서의 UDP/IP 헤더압축 프로토콜의 구현 및 성능분석

  • Published : 2004.10.01


Recently, the demands for real-time service and multimedia data are rapidly increasing. There are significant redundancies between header fields both within the same packet header and in consecutive packets belonging to the same packet stream. And there are many overheads in using the current UDP/IP protocol. Header compression is considered to enhance the transmission efficiency for the payload of small size. By sending the static field information only once initially and by utilizing dependencies and predictability for other fields, the header size can be significantly reduced for most packets. This work describes an implementation for header compression of the headers of IP/UDP protocols to reduce the overhead on Ethernet network. Typical UDP/IP Header packets can be compressed down to 7 bytes and the header compression system is designed and implemented in Linux environment. Using the Header compression system designed between a server and clients provides have the advantage of effective data throughput in network. Since the minimum packet size in Ethernet is 64 bytes, the amount of reduction by header compression in practical chatting environment was 6.6 bytes.



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