A Design of SPI-4.2 Interface Core

SPI-4.2 인터페이스 코어의 설계

  • Published : 2004.10.01


System Packet Interface Level 4 Phase 2(SPI-4.2) is an interface for packet and cell transfer between a physical layer(PHY) device and a link layer device, for aggregate bandwidths of OC-192 ATM and Packet Over Sonet/SDH(POS), as well as 10Gbps Ethernet applications. SPI-4.2 core consists of Tx and Rx modules and supports full duplex communication. Tx module of SPI-4.2 core writes 64-bit data word and 14-bit header information from the user interface into asynchronous FIFO and transmits DDR(Double Data Rate) data over PL4 interface. Rx module of SPI-4.2 core operates in vice versa. Tx and Rx modules of SPI-4.2 core are designed to support maximum 256-channel and control the bandwidth allocation by configuring the calendar memory. Automatic DIP4 and DIP-2 parity generation and checking are implemented within the designed core. The designed core uses Xilinx ISE 5.li tool and is described in VHDL Language and is simulated by Model_SIM 5.6a. The designed core operates at 720Mbps data rate per line, which provides an aggregate bandwidth of 11.52Gbps. SPI-4.2 interface core is suited for line cards in gigabit/terabit routers, and optical cross-connect switches, and SONET/SDH-based transmission systems.


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