Characteristics of Current Collection Signals during Test Run of High-speed Train

주행 중 발생하는 고속전철 집전계 신호의 특성

  • Published : 2004.09.01


The dynamic characteristics of the current collection process of the high-speed railway are investigated through signals acquired during a test run. The signals are obtained from accelerometers, load cells, and strain gauges attached to various positions of the pantograph, and they are processed in time-and frequency-domains to obtain the dynamic characteristics. The main natural frequency of the pantograph is found to be 8.5Hz. There also are components at low frequencies varying linearly with the train speed. The contact frequency components above 20Hz is attenuated as they pass through the secondary suspension. The main frequency component of the load cell signal is found to be related with the rolling motion of the panhead generated by the stagger in the catenary.


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