Analysis of Novel Magnetic-Spring Actuators for Portable Units

휴대장치용 새로운 자기 스프링 액추에이터의 해석

  • 한인환 (홍익대학교 기계정보공학과)
  • Published : 2004.12.01


SLA(Scanned Linear Array) is a portable display unit for implementing next-generation virtual realities, utilizes a design that light generated by a line of LEDs is reflected from the rapidly oscillating mirror to generate a raster display. Reaction forces generated by the motions of the mirror and counter-balance mass cancel each other at the device base, reducing vibration. Metal leaf springs have been extensively applied in such portable units. Magnetic springs have been developed and adopted that can replace the metal spring and can avoid many disadvantages of metal springs. We model and analyze the dynamics of the structure with magnetic springs and present the simulation and experimental analysis results, which can be utilized for identifying and eliminating possible problem sources in removing shaking forces and moments, and oscillating the mirror at the required amplitude and frequency. Finally, we present the improved novel magnetic actuator model which can be applied in portable display units.


Portable Display Unit;Shaking Forces;Balance;Magnetic Springs


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