Mechanically Modulated Nonlinear Digital Microactuators for Purified Digital Stroke and Nano-Precision Actuation

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  • Published : 2004.12.01


This paper presents a nonlinearly modulated digital actuator (NMDA) for producing nano-precision digital stroke. The NMDA, composed of a digital microactuator and a nonlinear micromechanical modulator, purifies the stroke of the digital actuator in order to generate the high-precision displacement output required for nano-positioning devices. The function and concept of the nonlinear micromechanical modulator are equivalent to those of the nonlinear electrical limiters. The linear and nonlinear modulators, having an identical input and output strokes of 15.2${\mu}{\textrm}{m}$ and 5.4${\mu}{\textrm}{m}$, are designed, fabricated and tested, respectively. The linear and nonlinear modulators are linked to identical digital actuators in order to compare the characteristics of the linearly modulated microactuator (LMDA) and NMDA. In addition, an identical linear modulator is attached to the output ports of LMDA and NMDA. The NMDA shows the repeatability of 12.3$\pm$2.9nm, superior to that of 27.8$\pm$2.9nm achieved by LMDA. When the identical linear modulator is connected to LMDA and NMDA, the final modulated output from NMDA shows the repeatability of 10.3$\pm$7.2nm, superior to that of 15.7$\pm$7.7nm from LMDA. We experimentally verify the displacement purifying capability of the nonlinear mechanical modulator, applicable to nano-precision positioning devices and systems.


Digital Actuator;Mechanical Modulator;Nonlinear Modulation


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