Variation of Inclusion Selectivities of the Cadmium Host Complexes with Ammonium Oniums for Aromatic Guest Molecules

암모니움 이온을 가진 카드뮴 호스트 착물의 방향족 게스트 분자에 대한 포접선택성 변화

  • Received : 2004.04.12
  • Accepted : 2004.05.14
  • Published : 2004.06.25


Inclusion selectivities of the cyanocadmate host complexes with ammonium oniums, $[Cd_x(CN)_{2x}][onium{\cdot}zG]$ (onium = $NMe_3Et^+$, $NMeEt{_3}^+$ and $NEt{_4}^+$, G = guest), have been investigated for $C_6H_6$ (B), PhMe (T), PhEt (E), ortho (O), meta (M), and para (P) isomers of $C_6H_4Me_2$ as the aromatic guest molecules. From the binary, ternary, quaternary and quinary mixed guests of B, T, E, O, M and P, the order of preference in the $NMe_3Et+$-host is $B{\gg}$T>P${\fallingdotseq}O{\fallingdotseq}M$ and E>O${\gg}P{\fallingdotseq}M$; in the $NMeEt{_3}^+$-host is T>B>P${\gg}O{\fallingdotseq}M$ and E>P${\gg}$M>O; in the $NEt{_4}^+$-host is $B{\gg}T{\fallingdotseq}O{\fallingdotseq}M{\fallingdotseq}P$. However, the $NEt{_4}^+$-host complexes of E, O, M and P mixed-guests were not obtained. These inclusion selectivities were compared to our previous results of the $NMe{_4}^+$-host; T>B>P${\gg}$M>O and E>P${\gg}$M>O.


inclusion selectivities;cyanocadmate host complexes;ammonium oniums;aromatic guest molecules


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