Monitoring of Bisphenol A and Nonylphenol in Waterworks System of Seoul, Korea

상수도 계통에서 비스페놀 A와 노닐페놀의 실태조사

  • Ham, Young-Kook (Department of Water Quality Research, Waterworks Research Institute of Seoul Metropolitan Government) ;
  • Oh, Sea-Jong (Department of Water Quality Research, Waterworks Research Institute of Seoul Metropolitan Government) ;
  • Kim, Sung-Whan (Division of Life Science, Kangwon National University)
  • 함영국 (서울특별시 상수도연구소 수질연구부) ;
  • 오세종 (서울특별시 상수도연구소 수질연구부) ;
  • 김성완 (강원대학교 생명과학부)
  • Received : 2004.07.08
  • Accepted : 2004.07.30
  • Published : 2004.10.25


This study was examined occurrence of bisphenol A (BPA) and nonylphenol (NP) in waterworks system of Seoul, Korea from September 2002 to December 2003. The levels of BPA and NP in Han-river and its tributaries were as followed: Paldang-dam, ND(not detected)${\sim}0.033{\mu}g/L$ and $ND{\sim}0.823{\mu}g/L$; Kyungahn-creek, $ND{\sim}0.659{\mu}g/L$ and $ND{\sim}3.827{\mu}g/L$; Whangsuk-creek, $ND{\sim}0.528{\mu}g/L$ and $ND{\sim}12.724{\mu}g/L$, respectively. In water of 6 intake-station, the contents of NP and BPA were detected $0.122{\sim}2.724{\mu}g/L$, and $ND{\sim}0.260{\mu}g/L$, respectively. In the finished- and tap-water of three drinking water treatment plants (DWTPs) around Whangsuk-creek, BPA was not detected in all samples, while NP was in ppt levels in whole. Through the process of DWTP, also, the removal ratio of NP was above 80% in all this. Therefore, this result was suggested that levels of BPA and NP in waterworks system depended on non-point contaminants and swage treatment plants in the Han-river shed.




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