Study on the Enhancement of Reproducibility for Track Technology Using a Multi-dot Plate

다중시료 점적판을 이용한 트랙기입법의 재현성 증대 연구

  • Park, Y.J. (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ;
  • Pyo, H.Y. (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ;
  • Song, B.C. (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ;
  • Jee, K.Y. (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
  • 박용준 (한국원자력연구소 원자력화학연구부) ;
  • 표형열 (한국원자력연구소 원자력화학연구부) ;
  • 송병철 (한국원자력연구소 원자력화학연구부) ;
  • 지광용 (한국원자력연구소 원자력화학연구부)
  • Received : 2004.07.01
  • Accepted : 2004.08.09
  • Published : 2004.10.25


Alpha track technology can provide useful isotopic information of boron in the primary coolant water. In the quantitative analysis using the alpha track analysis, the shape or area of sample on the solid track detector becomes very important, especially for the analysis of liquid samples. In this research, a multi-dot plate has been developed for this purpose. The multi-dot plate provides fixed standard shape of the sample solution that stays inside of the printed circle, and consequently increases the reproducibility of the boron analysis.


Fission track;Alpha track;multi-dot plate;solid track detector


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