A Study of Estimation for Web Application Complexity

웹 어플리케이션의 복잡도 예측에 관한 연구

  • 오성균 (서일대학 IT계열 소프트웨어) ;
  • 김미진 (서일대학 IT계열 소프트웨어)
  • Published : 2004.09.01


As software developing paradigm has been changing to complicate Web environment, study of complexity becomes vigorous. Yet still it seems that general agreement has not to be reached to architecture or complexity measure of Web application. And so traditional complexity metrics - program size(LOC) and Cyclomatic Complexity can be derived from the source code after implementation. it is not helpful to the early phase of software development life cycle - analysis and design phase. In this study 6 Web projects has been used for deriving applications with possible errors suited by Complexity Indicator. Using 61 programs derived, linear correlation between complexity, number of classes and number of methods has been proposed. As Web application complexity could be estimated before implementation, effort and cost management will be processed more effectively.