Cho, Yong-Uk

  • Published : 2004.10.01


Throughout this paper, we will consider that R is a near-ring and G an R-group. We initiate the study of monogenic, strongly monogenic R-groups, 3 types of nonzero R-groups and their basic properties. At first, we investigate some properties of D.G. (R, S)-groups, faithful R-groups, monogenic R-groups, simple and R-simple R-groups. Next, we introduce modular right ideals, t-modular right ideals and 3 types of primitive near-rings. The purpose of this paper is to investigate some properties of primitive types near-rings and their characterizations.


simple;R-simple;monogenic;strongly monogenic;faith-ful R-groups;D.G. (R, S)-group;3 types of R-groups;modular right ideals;t-modular right ideals and 3 types of primitive near-rings


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