The Effect of IT in Buyer-Supplier Linkage: IT Performance, IT Infrastructure and Firm Performance

구매자-공급자 연계 IT 성과와 IT 인프라가 기업 성과에 미치는 영향에 대한 연구

  • 이윤석 (포스코경영연구소 정책연구센터) ;
  • 김성홍 (한국전산원 정책개발분석팀) ;
  • 김진한 (포스코경영연구소 경영연구2센터)
  • Published : 2004.11.01


Cooperative and integrative partnerships between buyers and suppliers are very important for effective operations. Such partnerships should be based on various information technologies developed in recent years. Therefore, we investigated the relationship among IT performance, IT infrastructure and supply chain performance in buyer-supplier linkage using exploratory examination. This analysis is based on survey results of buyer-supplier practitioners in Korean electronics industry. Specifically, we used factor analysis, correlation analysis, and regression analysis. Major findings are as follows. First. buyers' IT performance contributed to enhance their operational & financial performance, and satisfaction. Second, buyers' IT infrastructure improved their financial performance and satisfaction but showed mixed effects on operational performance. Third, suppliers' operational performance enhanced buyers' operational & financial performance, and satisfaction. Fourth, suppliers' IT performance strengthened their operational & financial performance, and satisfaction. Fifth, suppliers' IT infrastructure showed positive relationships with operational performance and satisfaction.


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