Effects of Azodicarbonamide on the Rheology of Wheat Flour Dough and the Quality Characteristics of Bread

Azodicarbonamide를 첨가한 밀가루 반죽의 물성 및 냉동저장 중 제빵 특성의 변화

  • Published : 2004.11.01


Effects of azodicarbonamide (ADA) were investigated on the rheological properties of flour dough by measuring farinogram, amylogram and extensogram based on the amount of ADA added. Quality characteristics of the bread made with the ADA added dough were also evaluated by measuring dough volume, moisture content, pH, proofed time, baking loss and textural characteristics. The farinogram showed that water absorption, stability and elasticity of the dough with ADA were higher than those without ADA. However, its absorption time and weakness decreased compared to the dough without ADA. Through the amylogram, it was found that gelatinization temperature and maximum viscosity increased, but temperature of maximum viscosity reduced in the dough with ADA. The extensogram showed that the area and resistance of the dough increased slightly but extensibility decreased drastically after fermentation, resulting in the ratio of resistance and extensibility (R/E) of the dough with ADA was lower than those without ADA. The bread prepared with the dough containing ADA after freezing up to 12 weeks showed higher pH and specific loaf volume but lower moisture content, second proof time and resistance than those without ADA.


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