Uncertainty Analysis and Improvement of an Altitude TestFacility for Small Jet Engines

Jun, Yong-Min;Yang, In-Young;Kim, Chun-Taek;Yang, Soo-Seok;Lee, Dae-Sung

  • Published : 2004.06.30


The verification and improvement of the measurement uncertainty have beenperformed in the altitude test facility for small gas turbine engines, which was built atthe Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) in October 1999. This test is performedwith a single spool turbojet engine at several flight conditions. This paper discussesthe evaluation and validation process for the measurement uncertainty improvements usedin the altitude test facility. The evaluation process, defined as tests before the facilitymodification, shows that the major contnbutors to the measurement uncertainty are theflow meter discharge coefficient, the inlet static and total pressures, the cell pressureand the fuel flow rate. The measurement uncertainty is focused on the primary parametersof the engine performance such as airflow rate, thrust and specific fuel consumption (SFC).The validation process, defined as tests after the facility modification, shows that themeasurement uncertainty, in seal level condition, is tmproved to the acceptable level throughthe facility modification. In altitude test conditions, the measurement uncertainties arenot improved as much as the uncertainty in sea level condition.


Altitude Engine Test;Turbojet Engine;Measurement Uncertainty


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