A Study on the Dynamic Characteristics of AirshipThrough the Flight Test

Woo, Gui-Aee;Kim, Jong-Kwon;Cho, Kyeum-Rae;Lee, Dae-Woo

  • Published : 2004.06.30


Nowadays, many kinds of research for airship have being studied withincrease of interests in airship. But these make little progress even now. In flighttest, the data acquisition from the actual flight test has lots of difficulties becausethe airship dynamic response is slow and sensitive to extemal environment. In thispaper, through the actual flight test, appropriateness of the mathematical dynamicmodel was presented by showing the test results in various conditions. Thetuming, the acceleration, and the deceleration motions were tested and analyzed.


Airship;Flight test;Turning;Acceleration;Deceleration


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