Development of HAUSAT-1 Picosatellite Communication Subsystem as a Test Bed for Small Satellite Technology

Moon, Byoung-Young;Kim, Young-Hyun;Chang, Young-Keun

  • 발행 : 2004.06.30


This paper addresses the development and design of the HAUSAT-l (Hankuk Aviation University SA'Tellite-D communication subsystem, which is a next generation picosatellite, developed by SSRL (Space System Research Lab.) of Hankuk Aviation University. The communication subsystem generally consumes the majority of power and volume for picosatellites, and thus its design is critical to the overall satellite and mission plans . The HAUSAT-l designs are implemented by using the 145.84 MHz for uplink and 435.84 MHz for downlink frequency bands. The simulation and test results of the homemade radio and the TNC (Terminal Node Controller) integrated on the HAUSAT - I , a picosatellite scheduled to launch on September 2004 by Russian launch vehicle "Dnepr", are presented for EM, QM and FM, respectively


CubeSat , Communication Subsystem, TNC, MODEM, HAUSAT-l


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