What Do Our Students and Teachers Believe about Grammar in EFL Context?

  • Received : 20040200
  • Accepted : 20040400
  • Published : 2004.04.30


This paper investigated students' and teachers' attitudes toward L2 grammar in EFL learning context. In a study in which attitude was viewed as consisting of three different components such as cognitive, affective, and behavioral, questionnaire developed on the basis of such a view of attitude was used as a data collection method. The results of the study indicated that in general, both students and teachers were similar to each other in their attitude toward L2 grammar. Among the findings, most important, two groups were shown to fully understand the important role of grammar in L2 learning. Another finding was that despite the 6th national curriculum for English education, our English class was still dominated by grammar-centered instruction. Also it was shown that the way teachers had been taught L2 grammar had a considerable effect on the way they would instruct it in their future classes. Based on these findings, some suggestions were offered for effective grammar pedagogy in EFL context.