Peer-revision in web-based English writing

웹기반 영작문교육에서의 동료수정 양상 연구

  • Received : 20040200
  • Accepted : 20040400
  • Published : 2004.04.30


This study is aimed at investigating the aspects of peer correction and responses of English composition in the web-based class. The participants for this study are students enrolled in the 'preparatory college cyber study center'. Two assignments were given--composition with no feedback and composition followed by student feedback. The participants' feedbacks, responses, and attitudes in peer interaction were analysed. The processes of these two assignments were also compared. The results were as follows: First, students' competitive attitude changed into cooperative attitude when peer-revision was followed. Second, both formal and content feedback were shown in the cyber composition class just as in the classroom composition class, but under no specific guidance, the majority of students' feedbacks were formal feedbacks. Third, some characteristics of web-based writing were found. In the web-based writing class where around a hundred students are enrolled. students' feedbacks were inevitable. The results of this study supported the use of students feedback.